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Liquid Ingredients Ingredients
All "Mermaid" soaps are made with the highest quality all-vegetable glycerin soap, hand-crafted in our home. We search for the best ingredients, using only FDA approved oils, extracts, colors, powders, essences, butters, decals. glitter, etc.

Our perfumer creates each of our exclusive scents. Using costly pure essential oils from around the world and superior fragrance oils, our products become uniquely aromatic. If you desire, we can develop a fragrance just for you, or we can formulate any of our products completely unscented.

Solid Additives Enhancements
We offer an extensive line of soaps, developing each formula with special and beneficial additives. A few of our favorites: Sea kelp, French green clay, neem powder, colloidal oatmeal, apricot kernel oil, shea nut butter, Vitamin E, almond oil, aloe butter, avocado oil, and herbs such as chamomile, peppermint and calendula.

No Animal Testing
We do not test on animals. Nothing in our product line contains any animal products or petroleum derivatives.

Exclusive Designs
The Mermaid Soap Company is proud to offer a number of exclusive designs:

Soap Garden "Soap Garden"
Bright silk blossoms and leaves are artfully arranged inside translucent bars of pure glycerin soap.

"Soap Terrarium"
Colorful frogs and turtles, sitting upon tropical leaves, inhabit these charming bars.

"Soap Aquarium"
Inside each clear bar is a little fish swimming through aquatic plants.

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